Fun Christmas Activities to Do With Your Horse

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As Christmas approaches, are you looking for a way to get your horse involved in the celebration? There are tons of fun activities that you and your horse can participate in together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Decorate Your Horse’s Stall

Decorate your horse’s stall door with Christmas-themed decorations. Make sure that any decorations you use are kept well out of your horse’s reach – you don’t want to have to call the vet because your horse chewed on his stall decorations. Top off your horse’s stall door with a stocking. If multiple horses in the agistment have Christmas stockings, then you can fill the stockings with treats and candy canes on Christmas Eve.

Exchange Gifts Within Your Agistment

If there are multiple boarders at your agistment, consider organising a gift exchange. Riders can give each other fun, horsey-themed Christmas gifts. A Yankee swap can also be a fun activity, or consider drawing names so that each person buys a gift for one other person at your stables (which can keep the cost down).

Ride in a Parade

If you know of an upcoming Christmas parade nearby, see if they would be willing to let horses and riders from your agistment participate. You can decorate your horse’s tack with Christmas themed garlands and decorations. If you use anything that might be frightening to your horse, be sure to expose him to it ahead of time so that he will be comfortable with it on the day of the parade.

Have an Agistment Christmas Party

Arrange a Christmas party for all of the riders at the agistment. Riders can each bring a dish of food to share, keeping the costs of the party down. You can decorate stockings for the horses’ stalls, and can make horse-themed ornaments during the party. If you’re doing a gift exchange, the Christmas party is a great time to actually exchange gifts.

Organize a Christmas Day Trail Ride

Arrange to meet up for a trail ride on Christmas Day with your friends. It’s best to plan a time to meet in advance so that everyone can participate. Saddle up the horses, head out for a nice ride, and spend some time with your horse and your horse loving friends on Christmas Day.

When it comes to getting your horse involved in Christmas festivities, there are a number of ways to do just that. What fun holiday traditions do you participate in with your horse?

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