Getting through the tough times

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- Larry Cutler Chairman of the Board Australian Stock Horse Society

“Versatility and resilience is how I would describe how our members get through” said Larry Cutler, Chairman of the Australian Stock Horse Society. “Like our horses” he continued when asked how members from across the country were handling the seasonal conditions.

“Many of our members from right across the country are coping with a very extended dry period; some are coping with the impact of that and then a devastating flood on top, and some are experiencing normal seasonal variations. The thing they all have in common is their connection with their horses” he said.

With the showing season drawing to a close in the southern states and challenges and Campdrafts happening throughout the north, it’s no wonder Australian Stock Horse Members are required to be resilient and versatile.

“I know myself that there are areas around where I live in Victoria that are doing it really tough. You only have to ask others and you know that even we are better off than some. This self-effacing attitude is what defines many of our people. I’m proud to be the Chairman of an organisation that typifies that character of Australia we can all be rightly proud of” he concluded.
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