Giving a Horse as a Christmas Gift

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When it comes to the dream Christmas present, a horse or pony is at the top of the list for most horse lovers. If you’re planning to give someone a horse for Christmas, you’re probably tempted to go out and start looking at horses for sale. But hang on – you’ll want to carefully plan how you give a horse as a gift to make sure that the present works out for everyone involved.

Choosing a Horse Yourself

Before you go out and look at horses for sale, think about whether it would be a good idea for you, yourself, to choose the horse. Young children may be fine with receiving a pony as a gift, and can likely bond with any pony presented to them as long as the pony is safe and well behaved.

The case isn’t necessarily the same for teens or adults, though. Riders develop very specific preferences for the characteristics that they like in a horse, and it’s important that they are involved in the process of finding the right horse. Every horse doesn’t necessarily get along with every rider, too, so you will want to make sure that a horse and rider are a good match before buying the horse.

Involving the Rider

In some cases, it is easiest to present the rider with a gift of a promised horse on Christmas morning, rather than having already bought the horse. This can ensure that the rider is involved in finding the horse, and that the horse that is bought is the right horse for them and can continue to advance them toward their riding goals.

Alternatively, it might be possible to have a rider take part in trying out horses without being aware that the intended purchase is for them. Asking a rider to help an instructor look for a new lesson horse can be a good way to go about it, or you can make up another story that the rider is likely to believe. If the rider truly connects with a horse, then you might take the horse on trial during Christmas to make sure that he will work out.

Presenting the Gift

If a horse has already been bought, then there are tons of fun ways to give the rider the gift on Christmas morning. Consider having the horse in its new stall in the agistment with a large bow tied around its neck. You can also present the rider with a stall nameplate engraved with both their name and their new horse’s name.

If the horse hasn’t yet been bought, then give the rider some items that can signify the purchase to be made. Supplies like a halter or a saddle pad are a nice way to give the rider something tangible on Christmas morning, while also getting them excited for their larger gift to come.

Before you start looking at horses for sale, think about the best way to give a horse as a Christmas present so that both horse and rider are likely to be a great match.

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