Great Gift Ideas for First-Time Horse Owners

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Do you have a friend who is looking at horses for sale and about to buy their first horse? Giving a first-time horse owner a gift when they buy their first horse can be a nice touch, and we all know that buying a horse also involves buying a LOT of equipment. Here are some great gift ideas to consider giving a first-time horse owner.

Customized Set of Brushes

Anyone can put together a basic grooming kit by buying products from the local tack shop or from catalogs and online suppliers. Instead, order a set of brushes that will be customized for your friend. Many retailers and small businesses offer brushes with custom-painted wooden backs. A quality set of brushes customized with her horse’s colors or name are something that your friend will treasure for years.

First-Aid Kit

A first-time horse owner faces an overwhelming amount of horse supplies that he or she must buy. Stocking up a First-Aid kit often falls to the bottom of the to-do list, and a new horse owner might not be aware of some of the items that are essential to an equine First-Aid kit. Consider buying a ready-made kit and adding any extras that you prefer to have on hand to give it a personal touch. Be sure to also include a First-Aid basics book; a first-time horse owner will appreciate it.


A first-time horse owner may have a lot to learn, so think about getting them a subscription to a horse magazine. There are countless publications that you can choose from, and your friend will receive the benefits of your gift for an entire year.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always useful, and a first-time horse owner will find gift certificates from a variety of retailers very helpful. Gift certificates from local tack stores and online retailers will help your friend to buy the equipment and tack she needs. A gift certificate to a local feed store can also be a great idea. You might buy your friend a voucher for a free riding lesson at her agistment, or a session with a local equine chiropractor or equine massage therapist.

Monogrammed Items

For a personal touch, consider buying an item and having it monogrammed with either your friend’s name or her new horse’s name. Items like saddle pads, coolers, jackets, and tote bags can all be easily monogrammed, and such a personalized gift will be extra special.

The first-time horse owner has a lot on their plate – giving them a carefully planned out gift will be a welcome surprise.

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