Great Ways to Make Your Horse’s Coat Look Fantastic

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Whether you’re listing your horse for sale or are headed to a horse show, we bet you’ll want to take advantage of these great ways to make your horse’s coat look fantastic.

Meet Your Horse’s Nutritional Needs

A healthy coat starts with a healthy horse. Make sure your horse is eating quality feed, and that all of his nutritional needs are being met. Bloodwork can help to identify nutritional deficiencies, but you can also consult with an equine nutritionist or your vet to come up with a feeding plan to keep your horse healthy.

Feed Extra Fat

Feeding your horse a little extra fat in his diet can help to bring out a shine in his coat. There are plenty of fat supplements available on the market, but you might also look for a coat supplement designed to increase the shine and improve the appearance of your horse’s coat.

Cut Back on the Baths

An occasional bath can be a great way to get your horse clean, but bathing him on a regular basis can strip the oils in his coat that actually contribute to that healthy shine. Instead of bathing your horse every week, try to spot-clean him using spray-on spot removers. When you do bathe your horse, use a gentle shampoo to preserve his coat health.

Curry Frequently

Currying does more than just lift the dirt from your horse’s coat – it actually stimulates his blood circulation which can lead to an improved coat appearance and an overall healthier coat. So, don’t skimp on the currying – use a rubber curry and curry your horse with as much force as he enjoys.

Use a Coat Conditioner

To bring out some extra shine in your horse’s coat, apply a spray-on coat conditioner. Look for a coat conditioner which doesn’t contain silicone, which can dry out your horse’s coat. After you’ve sprayed on the conditioner, give it a few minutes to sit and then brush your horse with a soft brush to remove any dirt and to further distribute the coat conditioner.

Finish with a Rub Rag

Any time that you groom your horse, finish the process with a soft rub rag. Rub the rag vigorously all over your horse’s coat in the direction of his hair. This rag helps to remove any surface dust, leaving your horse with a clean and shiny coat.

These are just some ways to make your horse’s coat look fantastic – what tricks have you found to make your horse look great?

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