Great Ways to Pamper Your New Horse

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After looking at horses for sale and finally buying a horse, you may be looking for some ways to spoil and pamper your new horse. Here are some great tips to work pampering your horse into your horse care routine, helping you to bond with your new horse and let your horse settle in to his new surroundings.

A Day at the Spa

Treat your horse to a top-notch grooming and bathing session. Begin by giving him a thorough bath. Scrub him all over, paying particular attention to his lower legs where dirt and scabs can develop. Spend time conditioning his mane and tail to work all of the knots out; be patient and use your fingers to avoid pulling out or breaking too many hairs. Be sure to thoroughly wash out all of the shampoo and conditioner; any that remains can irritate your horse’s coat.

Once your horse has had a chance to dry off, brush out his mane and tail again. Present him with a pair of clippers to see how he reacts – if he’s fine with the clippers, then you can trim up areas like under his throatlatch, around his muzzle, and around his fetlocks to leave him looking sharp and polished.

A New Wardrobe

A new horse means lots of new equipment. Be sure that everything you purchase fits your horse well. Purchase horse rugs, a halter, a bridle and a bit as the basic necessities. To make your horse truly look impressive, you can coordinate these purchases so that they all share a common color. Many retailers offer horse items for sale in fun patterns and styles; pick one and designate it as your horse’s “theme color.”

You’ll need to pay particular attention to finding a saddle that properly fits both you and your horse. A poorly fitting saddle can damage your horse’s back and make him very uncomfortable. If you’re unsure of how to judge saddle fit, work with a saddle fitter or experienced trainer to help you find a saddle that fits properly.

A Visit with the Veterinarian

It’s a good idea to establish a baseline of your horse’s vital signs and condition with your veterinarian. If you don’t already know how to take a horse’s vital signs, ask your veterinarian to show you how during his visit. This is a great time to make sure that your horse is up to date on any vaccines that he will need, to discuss a deworming and nutrition plan, and to take a look at your horse’s weight and teeth. He may need some maintenance care, like having his teeth floated, so be sure to schedule a visit with your veterinarian to keep your horse feeling good in his new home.

Buying a new horse is an exciting experience. There’s no better way to bond with your new horse than to pamper him a little.

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