Grooming Tips to Help You Sell Your Horse

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When selling your horse, it’s important to make your horse stand out from the crowd. There are many horses for sale so in order to attract a buyer, you will want to make your horse look his very best. Paying attention to grooming your horse before taking sale photos or showing your horse to a prospective buyer may mean the difference between selling your horse and not.

The Importance of Good Grooming

Presenting your horse when he is well-groomed can help you sell him for a number of reasons. A horse that is well-groomed is more attractive and impressive to a buyer. Properly grooming your horse will help to draw attention to his bone structure, conformation, and overall appearance. It can make your horse look healthier, and indicates that you take good care of your horse. This all amounts to a positive impression upon the buyer.

Bring Out a Shiny Coat

When looking at horses for sale, no one wants to look at a muddy, unkempt horse. Before a potential buyer arrives to view your horse, bring him in from his pasture and give him a thorough grooming. On warm days you may want to bathe your horse ahead of time to present him at his very best, though grooming him can also suffice.

When you groom your horse, approach the grooming as if you were preparing him for a horse show. Start with a curry comb and a stiff brush to remove the dirt and mud from his coat, then progress to softer brushes to help bring out the shine of his coat. You will want to finish up by running a soft rag over his coat. Using a horse vacuum or polishing products can also help to make your horse’s coat shine.

Pay Attention to the Details

Pay special attention to the details when grooming your horse. Are his whiskers overgrown? Could his throatlatch use trimming, and has the hair of his fetlocks grown long and shaggy? Spending a few minutes to trim up these areas can make your horse look more impressive to a buyer.

Style Your Horse to His Discipline

If your horse is a hunter, your grooming strategy will differ from someone trying to sell a reining horse. Be sure that you are familiar with the particular styles used to show horses in different disciplines, and stick to them with your horse when preparing to show him to a buyer.

Certain breeds also have certain grooming requirements for shows. For instance, Friesians are shown with full manes and the feathering on their legs, but Thoroughbreds should typically have their manes pulled and legs trimmed neatly.

If your horse would be shown with a pulled mane, then pull his mane neatly. Consider banging his tail if that is characteristic to his breed. Braiding your horse’s mane is not necessary when showing him to a potential buyer.

Putting the extra effort into grooming your horse properly can help him stand out from the horses for sale, possibly leading to a faster sale.

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