Grooming Tips to Help Your Sale Horse Stand Out

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When advertising your horses for sale, a good grooming job can help him to stand out from the many other horses for sale. Having your sale horse clean and well groomed when you’re photographing him as well as when you’re showing him to potential buyers can make him more appealing. These grooming tips will help you to get your sale horse to stand out.

Bring Out the Shine

Nothing is more attention-grabbing than a clean, shiny coat. A shiny coat is evidence of a healthy horse. To start bringing out the shine in your horse’s coat, begin by grooming your horse on a regular basis. Put lots of effort into currying your horse, and then spend time wiping any leftover dust off of your horse’s coat with a soft rag. Coat conditioners and polishes can also help to bring out a shine in your horse’s coat.

Remember, too, that your horse’s health plays a role in how shiny his coat will be. Regular deworming programs, paired with good quality feed and forage, can help to keep your horse healthy. If you really want a shiny coat, consider feeding your horse a supplement designed to contribute to a shiny coat.

Bathe if Necessary

While it generally isn’t necessary to bathe your horse when preparing to show him to a buyer, a bath might be a good idea if your horse is particularly dirty or if he is a grey whose coat is stained. When bathing your grey horse or a horse with grey areas, pay particular attention to his mane, tail, and legs – the cleaner that you can get those areas, the better your horse’s overall presentation will be. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your horse – any shampoo left in his coat can be irritating, causing him to scratch.

Style Manes and Tails Appropriately

An unkempt mane creates a messy appearance, so spend time grooming your horse’s mane and tail. If your horse is shown in a discipline where a pulled mane is the norm, then be sure to neatly pull the mane. The same goes for banged tails; the more that you can make your horse look the part of a competitor, the better.

Do a Show Grooming for Special Presentations

Depending on your horse’s competition career, a true show preparation may be warranted if you’ll be taking sale photos of your horse. Depending on your horse’s discipline, show ring styling may include painted hooves, greased eyes and nostrils, and braided manes and tails. Making the extra effort to present your horse as professionally as possible can pay off by catching a potential buyer’s attention.

Grooming your sale horse well can make a big difference in helping him to stand out from the other horses for sale.

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