Hanging a Hay Net Safely in a Horse Float

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After you’ve looked at horse floats for sale and bought the horse float that’s perfect for you, it will be time to load up your horse and take a trip. Providing your horse with a plentiful supply of hay will help to keep him calm and entertained during transportation. However, it’s important that you tie up a hay net safely – otherwise your horse could become hung up in the net, which could prove disastrous in the float.

Tie the Net High

Find the highest hook or bar in the float possible and use it to tie up the hay net. Tying a net too low to the ground means that your horse can get hung up in the net. If a horse paws at the net and hooks a hoof into it, he may be unable to free himself. In a horse float, this could result in a horse panicking, which will almost certainly cause serious injury.

Secure the Bottom of the Hay Net

Don’t simply clip the end of the drawstring line to a hook – doing so will let the hay net hang too low. Ideally you want the hay net to be at or above the height of your horse’s head when he is standing normally.

Loop the drawstring through the ring or bar that you are tying it to, then bring the string down and through one of the bottom loops of the net. Pull the string back up towards the top of the hay net and then secure it. Running the string through the net’s bottom will help support the net and keep it from drooping down when it is empty.

Additional Tips for Hay Nets in Horse Floats

Hay can be dusty, and with the added wind in a float during transportation, hay debris and dust can irritate your horse’s eyes and respiratory passages. If possible, soak or at least wet down the hay before you put it in the net.

To make hay last longer, consider using a hay net with small holes, or putting one hay net inside of another. The smaller holes will slow down the speed at which your horse eats, making the hay last longer during the trip.

Regardless of which method you use, be sure to stop to check on your horse during long trips. You may need to replenish his hay supply, and he will appreciate a chance to drink some water and stretch his legs.

When looking at horse floats for sale, look for floats with plenty of space to properly hang a hay net where your horse can be safe while enjoying his hay.

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