Please be aware that recently there have been a number of scammers targeting advertisers of horses and products both from magazines and on the internet.

Signs that your prospective buyer may not be genuine include:

The buyer wanting to buy the horse/ item sight unseen and not asking the ‘right’ questions about the horse/ item.

The buyer wanting to pay more than the asking price of the horse/ item. The buyer may pay by cheque and ask the seller to pay for shipping before the cheque has fully cleared. Alternatively the seller asks the buyer to send money back to them before the cheque has fully cleared. In both cases the cheque may not clear.

If sending a horse out on loan please make sure you have a detailed written loan agreement to protect both parties. It is a good idea to ask for and to check on references from a potential loan home.


Selling Tips


Present your horse for sale in the best possible condition.

If the horse is ridden make sure that you have a rider available to showcase your horse and really show buyers what he or she is capable of.

As it is the 1st impression prospective buyers will have of your horse it is worth including a good quality, well lit photo of your horse to include in your advert.

If you can get a photo of the horse doing the job that you have mentioned in your advert then you are more likely to attract the right buyers to your horse.

Things to include in the wording for your advert.
Basic details about the horse/ item for sale eg height, age, colour, sex, breeding.
History of the horse.
Activities the horse has taken part in, the current level that the horse is working or competing at and any offspring the horse has produced.
The type of home sought.

Helpful information here includes details about temperament and ease of handling. In the case of youngsters it may be helpful to let prospective buyers know in which areas you think that the horse should do well perhaps based on its breeding or on the horse showing promise in a particular area during training.

If you can prepare a video of your horse/ item it can add an extra dimension to your advertising. You can upload a video onto your Top Horse advert for only £5 more.

It is a good idea to protect both parties to detail out in writing any particular issues discussed by the buyer and the seller along with a receipt of how much money has changed hands. 


Buying Tips

It may be a good idea to make a list of important questions that are relevant to you for you to discuss with the seller either over the phone or when visiting your prospective purchase.

Be realistic - about your experience and ambitions and the amount of money you have to spend.

Try it out - For most people buying sight unseen is not a good idea - go and visit and make sure that the horse/ item is the right one for you.

Vetting - Top Horse would strongly recommend having a prospective purchase vetted.

Put it in writing – get a receipt if buying, if loaning it is a good idea to have a written loan arrangement to protect both parties.

Insurance - Don’t forget to arrange insurance before you collect your new purchase.