Helping a Friend Who Is Buying Their First Horse

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Do you have a friend who is buying their first horse? Horse ownership is a thrilling adventure, but it can also be intimidating to buy a horse for the first time. As your friend looks at horses for sale and makes the leap into horse ownership, here are some ways that you can help him or her.

Encourage Your Friend to Work with an Instructor

If your friend does not already ride with a trainer or instructor, encourage him or her to do so before they start looking at horses for sale. An instructor can help ensure that the horses for sale that your friend looks at are appropriate for him or her to be riding. Additionally, having lessons will help your friend adjust to their new horse.

Provide Your Horse with Resources for Horses for Sale

The search for a new horse can be a long one, and your friend will probably appreciate any leads that you can provide. If you know of online horse classifieds sites, or of good places where horses for sale are advertised, let your friend know to help them along in their search for a new horse.

Explain the Process of Buying a Horse

Buying a horse is nothing like buying a car, and riders who are new to the process of buying a horse can be easily overwhelmed. You can greatly help your friend out by explaining how the process of buying a horse works. Information on pre-purchase exams, standard test rides, and what is expected of the buyer will all come in handy when your friend buys their first horse.

Help Your Friend with General Horse Care

Riders who have not yet owned their first horse may have a general knowledge about horse care and management, but they’ll probably encounter some things they didn’t anticipate when they buy their first horse. Consider buying your friend some helpful books on horse management and first-aid for them to have as a resource should they need it.

Provide Horse Service Contact Information

Finding a good vet and farrier can be a challenge, and your friend may also have to locate an agistment to board their new horse. If you are familiar with vets, farriers, agistments, and other local resources, providing your friend a list of their contact information can help to save him or her time and trouble.

If your friend is looking at horses for sale, there are a number of ways that you can help him or her.

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