Horse Floats For Sale | Choosing a Truck to Pull Your Horse Float

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When you own a horse float or horse trailer, it’s important that you have a truck properly equipped to safely pull the horse float. Does your current truck hold up to the demands, or do you need to look for a new truck for sale? Here are some important points to consider.

Buy More Truck Than You Need

When you are pulling a loaded horse float or horse trailer, you will have a substantial amount of weight behind your truck. The weight of the load that you are hauling will put a significant strain on your truck, so you should always buy a truck that is larger and more powerful than what you need. Having more power and weight in your truck will keep you and your horses safer when you are on the road.

In order to determine how much towing power you’ll need a truck to have, calculate how much weight you’ll be pulling in your trailer. Take the trailer’s weight and factor in the weight of the horses, equipment, feed, and water that you will be towing.

Consider the Truck’s Tow Rating

A truck’s tow rating can help you to determine whether it is appropriate for your towing needs. Look for a truck with a longer wheel base; the longer the wheel base of a truck, the more stable it will be when towing. The truck’s tow rating identifies how much weight it can comfortably pull. If you’ll be towing significantly large, heavy loads like horse trailers or horse floats containing three or more horses, you may want to look for a truck with additional wheels for added stability and weight distribution.

Install a Separate Braking System

Having enough braking power to safely stop both your truck and your loaded horse float is essential to your safety, and to the safety of others on the road. While some trucks may have braking systems approved to work with small, light horse floats, it is always safer to install an additional, separate braking system. Remember, too, that if you are hauling your trailer in areas with large hills or mountains, braking and stopping the horse float will put additional strain on your truck.

Having a separate braking system takes the strain of needing to stop your horse float off of your truck, meaning that the truck’s brakes will last longer and the entire outfit will be safer when on the road. It also reduces the amount of distance that you will need to brake safely, a factor which can help you potentially avoid accidents.

Regardless of the truck that you choose, be sure that its hitch and wiring are properly outfitted to pull your horse float. Work with a mechanic to ensure that your truck is safe and ready for the road.

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