Horse Floats For Sale | Do You Need to Own a Horse Float if You Own a Horse?

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If you’re thinking of buying a horse, you may also find yourself looking at horse floats for sale. It seems like owning a horse and owning a horse float naturally go together, but do they have to? The answer to that question depends on your situation and the resources you have available. Here are some things to think about.

You Will Need a Horse Float for Your Horse’s Safety

Illnesses and accidents can come on suddenly, and you may find that your horse needs to be transported to the nearest equine hospital. If this situation should ever occur, you will need access to transportation for your horse. Owning a horse float will solve this problem, as you will have a reliable way to transport your horse.

If you don’t own a float, you may still be able to find transportation quickly. If you are keeping your horse at an agistment, the agistment owner will often own their own horse float and may be able to transport your horse. You could also call on friends who own horse floats.

You Will Need a Horse Float to Travel to Horse Shows

If you plan on regularly attending horse shows or other events that take place away from the agistment, then you will certainly need regular access to a horse float for your horse. If a number of other horses and riders from your agistment are attending the same show, then you can try to find space for your horse on their horse float. Remember, though, that you will be limited to the horse shows that other people are choosing to attend, and there might not always be room for your horse to go along.

If finding space on a friend’s horse float is not possible, you can look into renting a horse float or paying a transportation service to transport your horse. Both of these options are costly, though, and if you plan on attending multiple events, it might make more financial sense to buy a horse float of your own.

If you buy your own horse float, you will be able to attend the shows and events that you wish to attend. You will also be able to stay for as long as you would like, and can leave when you would like to leave. You will have greater independence in owning your own horse float and will be able to partake in more opportunities than you could if you have to rely on rides from friends.

If you own a horse and plan to compete often or travel frequently, then it makes the most sense to start looking at horse floats for sale and to buy a horse float of your own.

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