Horse Floats For Sale | Equine Safety Equipment When Transporting Your Horse

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After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float that is perfect for you and your horse, you’ll probably be ready to load up and transport your horse. Does your horse have the proper equipment to keep him safe while he is loading onto and riding on the horse float?

Leather Halter

Halters made of nylon do not break easily, and if a horse gets hung up in the horse float or panics, he could seriously injure his neck and spine if he is wearing a nylon halter. Be sure that your horse has a well-fitting leather halter to wear during transport.

If you will be taking your horse on a long trip, or if you are heading to a horse show, you may want to outfit the halter with a set of halter fleeces to protect your horse’s face from rubs. Investing in a shipping halter can offer your horse optimum protection and comfort while you are transporting him.

Head Bumper

A head bumper will help to protect your horse’s poll in the event that he should hit his head on the trailer ceiling. Head bumpers are relatively inexpensive and can be easily attached to any halter.

Shipping Boots

Shipping boots or protective wraps are a must for transporting a horse on a horse float. Your horse’s legs are very easily injured, especially when he is loading onto or riding in a horse float. Introducing your horse to the slick, rocking surface of a horse float means that he will need to work to keep his balance. This puts strain on his legs and can potentially result in serious injuries if he stumbles or loses his footing.

Shipping boots offer your horse’s legs the most amount of protection. When purchasing shipping boots, look for a pair that extends over your horse’s hooves and all the way up above his knees and his hocks. Shipping boots protect the major joints in your horse’s legs, and also cover your horse’s tendons and ligaments, which are very easily injured. A good pair of shipping boots should have adequate padding to surround your horse’s legs, and should attach securely with Velcro.

If you cannot purchase a pair of shipping boots, then wrapping your horse’s legs with standing wraps does give him some protection. While standing wraps will not protect your horse’s hooves, knees, or hocks, they will help to cover and protect his tendons and cannon bones. Use thick pillow wraps and be sure that you apply the standing wraps properly and securely. You may choose to also apply bell boots to your horse to offer some protection to his hooves and coronet bands.

When looking at horse floats for sale, remember that you will also need to purchase proper safety equipment for your horse to wear while he is being transported. Your horse’s safety may depend on it.

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