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When you buy a used horse float, one of the first things that you will want to do is to thoroughly clean the float. Though the horse horse floats for sale may already look clean, it’s important to do a cleaning and disinfecting on your own to keep your horse safe.

Horses carry many diseases, some of which can be quickly spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. If you plan to transport your horse in a horse float that has been used by other horses, you need to make sure that it is clean and disinfected before you load your horse.

Wait for a clear, sunny day and park your horse float in a space accessible by a horse. Open up all of the doors and windows to the horse float, and let down the ramp if the horse float has a ramp load. Pull out any rubber mats used on the float’s floor, and remove any parts of the hay manger and cross ties that can be removed. Then thoroughly spray down the inside of the float with water.

Use a soap and disinfectant intended for use on horse floats. If you do not have such a soap, then regular car wash soap or dish detergent can work. Bleach, diluted in water, can act as a disinfectant. Scrub the float thoroughly with the soap, including the windows, sides, floor, and ceiling. Pay particular attention to the float ramp; use a small wire brush to get into the small crevices of the ramp’s lining.

After thoroughly scrubbing the float down, hose it out with water. Give it time to dry, and then disinfect the entire float in the same manner that you washed it out. Give the disinfectant time to take effect before you wash it out.

If you have pulled out floor mats, scrub them with the soap as well. Be sure to clean even the small crevices of the mats. Rinse them, give them time to dry, and then disinfect them.

If the float has removable feed mangers and hay nets, throw the hay nets away and use nets of your own. Cross ties and other materials that cannot be easily disinfected should also be thrown away. Hay mangers can be cleaned and disinfected; be aware that mangers are frequent carriers of disease, so you may wish to simply replace them to stay on the safe side.

Give your horse float time to dry and air out before you load your horse. Ideally, try to disinfect the float and then let it sit for a few weeks before you use it.

When looking at horse floats for sale, remember that horse floats have the potential to carry diseases that could potentially infect your horse. Thoroughly clean and disinfect any used horse float before you use it.

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