Horse Floats For Sale | How to Unload a Horse From a Horse Float

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After you’ve looked at horse floats for sale and purchased the horse float that’s right for you, you’ll probably be looking forward to loading your horse up and taking him for a trip. Once you reach your destination, do you know how to get your horse off of the horse float calmly and safely? These tips will help you do just that.

Unclip Your Horse First

Before you do anything, make sure to unclip your horse from the crossties, or unfasten his lead rope from the horse float wall. If you move the butt bar or open the horse float door before unfastening your horse, your horse could move to exit, discover that he’s “stuck,” and panic. You don’t want your horse to pull back against or fight a tie that is holding him in the horse float, so make sure that he’s unfastened before you unload him.

Lower the Barrier Bars

Depending on the setup of your horse float, you may need to walk your horse forward off of the float or back him off. Before you open the float’s door or let down the ramp, unfasten the barrier bar either in front of or behind your horse so that, if he decides to move when the door is opened, he is free to do so.

Open the Horse Float Door

With a secure hold on the lead rope and your body positioned so that you are safe in case your horse moves suddenly, signal a friend to open the horse float door. Talk to your horse soothingly and ask him to stand still until the door is fully opened and secured, and the ramp, if necessary, is let down.

Move Slowly

If you need to turn or walk your horse forwards off the float, do so slowly. Give your horse time to look outside, inspect the float, and step off as he chooses to. If the light inside your horse float is dim, your horse’s eyes may need a minute to adjust to the light outside of the float. If your horse is nervous, he may try to rush off of the float – do your best to stay calm and keep yourself out of the way.

Back Off Gradually

Many horse floats will require that you back your horse off of them. In this case, keep yourself ahead of your horse’s body and watch out in case he needs to step forward again. Go slowly and press gently against the horse’s chest if he needs encouragement. As your horse backs down the ramp, try to keep him centered on the ramp by pulling his head in the direction that you want his hind feet to move in.

Remember that unloading a horse can be tricky, depending on the horse float. When you’re buying a horse float and looking at horse floats for sale, look for floats that have a setup which will make it easy to unload your horse.

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