Horse Floats For Sale | Is Your Horse Float Safe?

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It is vital that your horse float is safe; it transports your horse regularly and there’s nothing worse than having a disaster while on the road. Here are some important things to consider when assessing the safety of your horse float or trailer.

Quality of the Floorboards

The floor of your horse float needs to be sturdy and strong. Pull the mats out of your horse float and take a good look at the floor. Are there weakened floorboards or areas that are warped? These are dangerous signs of wear and need to be fixed before you load another horse into the float. Remember to check the underside, too: Be sure that the float is properly blocked to prevent it from rolling, and then climb underneath the float to examine the bottom of the floor. Look for weakened or rusted supports which will need to be replaced.

Condition of the Tires

Whether or not your float is used regularly, it is important to check the condition of the tires. A float that sits for too long can develop tires that are dry rotted and unsafe. Alternatively, if a float is used frequently then the tread of the tires may become worn down and need to be replaced. Inspect your horse float’s tires on a regular basis – including the spare tire – to make sure that they’re ready for use.

Security of the Latches

Examine all of the latches to the doors both inside and outside of the stall. Look for latches that have become stiff or too loose, or that no longer hold the doors securely. Oil all of the latches regularly to keep them working well.

Strength of the Hitch

Pay particular attention to the horse float or trailer hitch. Is it in good working order, and does it still connect easily to your truck? Connect the float and test out the electrical system to make sure that the lights, brakes, and blinkers all work properly.

Flaws in the Float

Take a walk around and inside your horse float and look for other troublesome areas. These could consist of areas of rust, loose connections, or bolts or screws that are working their way out of their holes. Tighten everything that needs to be tightened, and clean and paint areas of rust to prevent it from spreading.

These tips can also be used when looking at horse floats or horse trailers for sale. If you have any questions about the integrity of your horse float or horse trailer, take it to a mechanic for a professional evaluation. Safety needs to be your top priority when transporting your horse, so take the time now to make sure that your horse float is safe and ready for the trip.

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