Horse Floats For Sale | Safety Tips When Transporting a Horse in a Horse Float

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When looking at horse floats for sale and getting ready to buy a horse float, it’s important to be aware of the many safety issues that can go along with transporting a horse. Before you load your horse into the horse float, familiarize yourself with these important safety tips.

Keep Float Windows Safe

When transporting your horse, keep float windows closed if they do not have screens. Debris can fly in from outside and irritate or injure your horse’s eyes. Windows with screens may be left open.

When parked, do not let horses hang their heads out of the windows unless the horses are securely tied with crossties and there is someone present with the float to supervise. No matter how small the window is, horses may think that they can fit out of it. Emergencies arise when a particularly determined horse attempts to exit through a float window.

Keep the Float Secure

Remember that horse floats are not terribly stable. They lack the stability of a vehicle and can overturn or roll if they are left unhitched. Whenever you are working with a float, be sure that it is properly secured and on blocks to prevent it from moving.

If you will be loading a horse onto a horse float, even if it is just for training purposes, then you need to make sure that the horse float is hitched to an appropriate vehicle. Introducing a horse’s weight to a float can prompt it to shift and roll.

Tie Safely

It is best to avoid tying a horse to a float altogether. Floats can overturn if a panicked horse or multiple horses pull back. If you must tie a horse to a float, then use a safety knot, be sure that the float is hitched to a vehicle, and do not tie directly to a hitching ring attached to the float. Instead, run a piece of breakable twine or a safety hitching clip through the ring and tie the horse to that. If the horse panics, the extra twine or clip will break away, freeing the horse and avoiding a possible float turnover.

Maintain Supervision

To keep your horse safe when transporting him in a horse float, never leave the horse unattended. It is best to travel with a friend when transporting your horse so that one of you can always stay with the float and the horse. This is particularly important if you have the horse tied to the float or standing with the windows open. Having a person present at all times can help to prevent serious situations from occurring.

Before you start looking at horse floats for sale, make sure that you know how to keep your horse safe when transporting him.

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