Horse Floats For Sale | What Material Is Best in a Horse Float’s Construction

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When buying a horse float and looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll encounter horse floats made from a variety of materials. Many horse floats are made of steel or aluminum, but some are even made of a heavy-duty plastic. How do you know which material is best?

Each material – steel, aluminum, and plastic – offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages when used for a horse float. Your particular needs and wants in the characteristics of a horse float will help to determine what type of horse float you should look for.

Steel Horse Floats

Steel is a heavy-duty metal and offers more strength than an aluminum horse float. This can mean a huge difference in your horse’s safety in the unfortunate event that your horse float is ever involved in an accident.

Because steel is a heavy duty metal, a steel float will weigh significantly more than an aluminum float. This will require that you have a truck capable of hauling the heavier load, and will also impact the amount of fuel that you need when transporting your horse. Additionally, if the float has a drop-down ramp, the steel ramp can be considerably difficult for one person to lift on their own.

Older steel floats, depending on the quality of the steel used and the float’s overall construction, may rust. Rust can compromise the float’s structural integrity, and can pose a serious safety issue. However, if you properly maintain a steel float and aggressively treat rusting areas, the horse float can last for years.

Aluminum Floats

Aluminum provides a lighter weight alternative to steel, but it is nowhere near as strong as steel is. Because of this, many aluminum floats actually use two to three times the amount of metal that would be needed for a steel float.

Aluminum, not being as strong as steel, means that an aluminum float will not necessarily hold up as well as a steel float would upon impact. A horse’s safety in an aluminum float may be less than his safety in a steel float, because of this. Additionally, aluminum snaps fairly easily – it can potentially create sharp, dangerous edges.

Aluminum rusts quickly if exposed to air and water, so it needs to be actively maintained.

Plastic Floats

Some floats, made out of heavy-duty plastic, provide a very light weight option for transporting your horse. These floats may be difficult to find for sale used, and they are not as widely used as steel and aluminum floats are. While plastic floats carry the advantage of being lightweight and unaffected by rust, they do not have the strength of a steel or aluminum float on impact, meaning that your horse could be at great risk in a collision.

Before you look at horse floats for sale, consider the pros and cons of the different materials used to construct them.

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