Horse Grooming Tips

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After looking at horses for sale and finally buying a horse of your own, that horse’s daily care becomes your responsibility. Grooming is a large part of keeping a horse healthy, and after a long grooming session you’re rewarded with a horse that looks beautiful. These tips will help you get the most out of your grooming session.

Curry Liberally

Currying is one of the best ways that you can help your horse develop a shiny, healthy coat. Currying raises dust to the surface of the coat so you can brush it off, stimulates the horse’s coat to produce oils that help keep it healthy, increases circulation, and can even help to maintain muscle tone. Don’t skimp on your work with the curry comb – curry as hard as the horse will allow you to. Use the curry comb on all areas of the horse’s body except for his head and legs.

Don’t Forget Hidden Areas

When grooming a horse, it’s easy to focus on the large areas of his body and forget to check or clean the smaller areas. Grooming is beneficial because it gives you a chance to notice small physical problems before they become larger issues. Remember to check the more hidden areas of the horse, like inside his ears, inside the tops of his legs, and under his tail every time that you groom.

Spend Time on the Tail

Tails are notorious for becoming big, tangled messes. If you let your horse’s tail go too long without detangling it, it can result in the hairs breaking, which will take a long time to grow back. Instead, work on your horse’s tail for a few minutes every day. Detangle it by hand before using any sort of a brush, and when you do use a brush, go slowly and gently to avoid pulling out hairs. Stop and detangle any knots by hand before finishing brushing out the tail.

Include the Hooves

Make cleaning out your horse’s hooves a part of your daily grooming routine. Even if you won’t be riding, it’s important to regularly check your horse’s hooves to make sure that he doesn’t have rocks or other debris lodged in them.

Use Rags

Rags have many purposes in grooming kits, so it’s a good idea to keep a few rags of different sizes with your brushes. Damp rags are great tools for cleaning around your horse’s eyes, nostrils, and dock. A polishing rag can be used all over your horse’s body to give him that extra shine at the end of your grooming session.

Grooming is an important part of owning a horse, and there are many items for sale that can make grooming sessions more efficient and effective.

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