Horse Properties for Sale - Tips On Purchasing

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Having your horse at home can be a luxury, but only if you purchase a horse property that will work for you. When shopping for a horse property for sale, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind to be sure that your new property will be a good match.


It can be tempting to purchase a large property with stables; think of all of the horses that you could keep, and the acres of turnout that would be accessible to them. But before you jump on that huge equestrian property, think about what the size will actually mean.

First of all, a property’s size will affect its cost. Not only will you face a larger purchase cost for a premiere horse property, but you will also face recurring annual property taxes. The property taxes will increase depending on the property’s acreage, so give some serious thought to what you can actually afford in the long-term.

Additionally, think about the maintenance that a large property will require. Not only will the stables and buildings require upkeep, the pastures will need regular mowing, and the fences will need maintenance. If you are in a cold climate which faces snow, you will also need to pay for (or perform) snow removal. All of this maintenance takes both time and money – will you be able to keep up with the large property?


You might already have an ideal location in mind for your horse property, but here are a few more things to consider. A remote location might appeal to you because you will not have to deal with regular traffic, but think about how far away you would be from your vet and farrier. Their response time will be slowed if you live in a truly remote location, and in extreme weather conditions they might not be able to get to your barn at all.

Along with the location of the actual property, take a look at where the barn or stables are located. Stables should be located in an area that is geographically higher than most of the rest of the property; if not, then flooding and mud can be an issue. Is the stables easily accessible by roads? Additionally, is it secure – are there gates that you can close to keep passers-by from visiting?


As you evaluate a potential horse property, pay close attention to the condition of the stables. Horse properties require regular, active maintenance; if a property has been neglected, the amount of work you will have to do to restore it can be monumental. Also pay attention to the riding ring, and whether the footing has been maintained or may need to be replenished or replaced, as this can be a significant investment.

Much as you would have a house inspected, have the barn inspected as well for electrical, plumbing, and structural soundness. Buying into issues can lead to unexpected expenses down the line; have any property you consider professionally inspected.

Last of all, be patient. Look for an equestrian property which is exactly what you need and don’t rush into a purchase. Best of luck in buying your horse property!

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