Horse Property Maintenance You Should Be Aware Of

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Are you looking at horse property for sale with dreams of bringing your horses home? Having a stable and equine facility of your own is the dream of many horse owners, but the amount of maintenance that comes with owning your own property may surprise you. Have you thought about these maintenance tasks and how you will handle them around your property?

Fence Repair

Depending on the size of your property and the type of fencing that is used, fence repair can be quite time-consuming. Some fence types require more maintenance than others. Wooden fencing needs to be re-nailed and old boards need to be replaced. Electric fence often needs to be tightened and you’ll have to mow beneath the fence to keep it from shorting out. Fence repair and maintenance is an ongoing chore.


If you buy a large horse property, be sure to budget plenty of time for mowing during the spring and summer. Not only do you need to keep your grounds neat and tidy, but you’ll have to periodically mow the pastures to keep the weeds from growing over the grass.

Arena Dragging

If your property has a riding arena, then it will need to be dragged on a regular basis. If just a few riders use the arena then you can likely drag the arena once a week, but if your arena incurs more frequent use, then you may need to drag it every few days.

Manure Pile Removal

Horses can produce an incredible amount of manure throughout the year. Is the property set up so that you have an area where you can locate a large manure pile? Even when you have plenty of space, you’ll likely need to remove the manure pile at least a few times a year. This is something that you may choose to do yourself, or you may want to bring in a service which will truck the manure away.


Don’t forget to keep up with regular painting. If your property features wooden fencing, then the fencing will need to be painted every few years. And if your barn has a wooden exterior, this will also require regular painting. By keeping up with painting, you can help to preserve the condition of the wood while also keeping your place looking great. But remember, painting is time-consuming, and it’s best done during summer weather, at the same time when much of your other property maintenance needs to be performed.

As you look at horses properties for sale, consider these maintenance items. Will you have time to do all of this maintenance yourself, or will you need to hire out some or all of the duties? Having a plan can help to smooth your transition when you do finally find the perfect horse property.

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