Horse Rugs - What Horse Rug to Use When

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When looking to buy horse rugs , you are looking to build a small collection from the many horse rugs for sale. But how do you know when to use each of the horse rugs on your horse? Once you sort out just what rugs you need and when, you might discover that you’re able to sell horse rugs from your collection if you do not use them often.

Basic Use of Horse Rugs

Horse rugs are intended to keep horses warm and dry, and to prevent them from cooling down too quickly after a workout. Depending on the weather, your horse’s needs for a horse rug will change, sometimes within hours. Therefore it is important to change rugs frequently.

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are intended to keep your horse clean and comfortable while he is in his stall. Stable rugs are typically light and can be worn when there is a slight chill in the air. Very lightweight stable rugs can be used before a show to keep a horse clean overnight. Stable rugs are typically made of light materials such as cotton or nylon.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are warmer and more functional than stable rugs. Turnout rugs are available in a number of weights and each weight provides a different degree of warmth. Turnout rugs are typically waterproof and are meant for your horse to wear while outside in his pasture or field. These horse rugs are usually made to be strong enough to withstand the antics of horses running, bucking, and playing.


Coolers are very useful when exercising your horse. A cooler can be used after a workout to help your horse’s body temperature return to normal while keeping him from cooling down too quickly. You can also drape a cooler over your horse’s hindquarters to help warm his muscles up before a workout. Typically made of wool or fleece, coolers wick moisture away from a horse’s coat, rather than leaving it and possibly chilling the horse.

Rain Sheets

Rain sheets are thin, waterproof sheets intended to simply protect your horse from the rain. Some rain sheets are made to be draped over your horse, while others have the same buckles and straps that a typical turnout sheet does and can be used to provide a waterproof layer over another sheet or stable rugs. Rain sheets can help to keep your horse and tack dry on your way out to an indoor arena or to a competition on a rainy day.

Fly Sheets

Fly sheets protect your horse from flies and keep your horse comfortable when the flies are at their worst. Made of light mesh material with tiny holes, fly sheets are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for your horse to wear. Some fly sheets provide the added benefit of protecting your horse’s coat from the UV rays of the sun.

With the wide variety of horse rugs for sale, you can quickly build a collection which allows you to protect your horse in all types of weather. TOPHORSE–browse rugs-and-horse-clothing-for-sale or place an ad to sell horses.

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