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When buying a horse rug, you’ll be faced with many choices. There are many factors to consider when choosing a horse rug. With the many styles and variations of horse rugs for sale, you can certainly find the perfect horse rug for your horse.


The manufacturer brand can be a defining factor in choosing a horse rug. Different brands of horse rugs offer different features, and if you have a particular set of features in mind, then you will want to find a brand which offers all of them. Horseware Ireland offers a wide range of features on their high-quality horse rugs.


What type of horse rug are you looking for? A heavy-duty winter turnout rug to keep your horse warm in the winter? A lightweight rug to keep the chill away during cool days? The rug’s intended use will help you decide what specific features it will need; a rug for turnout will need to be waterproof, whereas a lightweight rug to be used only while your horse is in the stable does not need to be waterproof or quite as durable as a turnout rug.


The denier of a rug, which refers to how tough the outer material is, is important to take into consideration when buying a rug. The higher the denier, the tougher the material, and the more likely it is to be able to hold up to your horse’s antics.


The weight of the rug you buy is an important factor. When looking at rugs for sale, look for rugs in a variety of weights so that you will be able to keep your horse at the right temperature in different weather conditions.


Additional features of horse rugs can range from unique fastening systems, unusual materials, and different styles and cuts used in the fabric. Detachable tail flaps, neck hoods, and the presence of shoulder gussets may also be features that you are interested in having in a rug. Decide which features you want – or do not want – in a rug before you purchase one.


Some companies offer specific brand collections, which can simplify buying a horse rug. All of the rugs in a collection, such as those in Horseware Ireland’s various collections, will typically offer a specific set of traits, such as waterproof materials, a certain style of neck opening, or a unique fastening system.

The advantage of shopping for horse rugs through a collection is that, once you settle on a rug in the collection which fits and works well for your horse, you can then look for other horse rugs for sale out of that same collection and be assured that they will also work well for your horse.

Doing this can allow you to quickly build a horse rug collection without having to buy, try, and sometimes sell off a horse rug which doesn’t work for your situation.

You will have no shortage of choices when buying a horse rug; take your time and make sure that you make the right selection. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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