Horseback Holidays - Some of the best

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Giddy Up to Africa: Ride the African safari Giddy Up to Africa: Ride the African safari
How would you like to explore some of the greatest holiday locations in the world – from horseback?

There are many great equestrian holidays that allow you to combine your sightseeing with horses. Here are some of the best riding holidays available.

Giddy Up to Africa

Ride the African safari, not from a Jeep, but from horseback! Giddy Up to Africa offers horseback tours in South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana; you’ll get up close to the wild animals of Africa while riding a trustworthy horse. The prices, which start at $250 per person per night, can’t be beat; this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Australian Wild Horse Adventure Tour

Do the Australian Brumbies intrigue you? Participants in the four-day Wild Horse Adventure Tour will journey into the Northern Territory to watch the wild brumbies. Aboriginal tours and bushwalks are also included, and you will camp out in the very lands that the Brumbies range. What better way to spend your holiday than among the wild brumbies?

Ride right into the world of “The Man From Snowy River".” Ride right into the world of “The Man From Snowy River".”
Snowy River Horseback Adventure

Here is a chance for you to ride right into the world of "The Man From Snowy River.” The Snowy River Horseback Adventure offers you the chance to spend a holiday riding horses through Australia’s Snowy Mountains. This special holiday sports small groups, dependable horses, experienced staff, and incredible views, including those of the Australian Alps. The ride is wonderfully authentic, as well: many of the horses are Australian Stock Horses.

Badger Creek Ranch

Experience a true working American ranch during your holiday. Badger Creek Ranch, located in Colorado, offers visitors a unique experience to participate in the ranch’s day-to-day operations. Visitors will be paired with a horse and will help the ranch cowboys round up, sort, and care for their cattle herds. In true cowboy fashion you will ride the open range, building your horsemanship skills and learning about true ranch life. You’ll explore the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and will enjoy a unique horseback riding holiday.

Enjoy the charm & beauty of Ireland from horseback. Enjoy the charm & beauty of Ireland from horseback.
An Sibin Residential Ride

Enjoy the charm and beauty of Ireland from horseback. The An Sibin Residential Ride, located in Western Ireland, offers a unique view of the countryside. A ride across the bogs, setting off from the restored farmhouse, will bring travelers through large estates, open fields, and quiet lanes and roads. Riding lessons are also available, so you can polish your skills while enjoying your holiday.

Costa Rica Beach Ride

Have you dreamed of riding a horse through the ocean? Make that dream come true – in Costa Rica! During the Costa Rica Beach Ride, you’ll ride Criollo horses on the beachfront, enjoying the tropical climate and beautiful views. Beach rides are available daily, though you can also explore Costa Rica’s forests, and with some luck you’ll observe some of the natural wildlife. Combine your love of horseback riding with a tropical climate? Paradise!

There are many ways to combine your love of horses with your holiday. Be sure to carefully research any holiday trip or resort you’re considering. And of course, don’t forget to pack your riding boots and helmet!

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