How Long Does Buying a Horse Take?

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If you’ve never bought a horse before, the process may seem a little foreign. And if you’re looking to buy a horse in a hurry, you might be surprised – it can take some time. So how long does buying a horse actually take?

The Search for Horses for Sale

The length of your search for your new horse will partially depend on how quickly you find horses for sale that match what you are looking for. The time of year that you are looking at horses for sale, along with the exact type of horse that you want to buy, can affect this.

How strongly you stay to your list of requirements for your new horse can also increase the time it takes you to buy a horse. If you are looking for a horse with specific training, skills, or experience, the pool of horses for sale will be smaller, and you may have to be more patient. Looking for a horse for sale within a small budget can also complicate and lengthen the process.

The Process of Trying Horses for Sale

Once you find horses for sale that could be potential matches for what you want in your new horse, you’ll begin the process of visiting and trying the horses for sale. While your initial visit and ride might go well, you will likely want to schedule a prepurchase examination to be performed by a vet. This can take a few days to a week or so, and it’s always a good idea to visit and ride the horse a second time before you agree to the purchase

If the horse fails the prepurchase exam, then you will need to start over in looking at other horses for sale. The buying process can become frustrating and lengthy if multiple horses fail their prepurchase exams. However, if you get lucky and a horse that you like passes, then your search for your new horse is close to coming to an end.

Buying a New Horse

When it comes time to actually purchase the horse, there are a number of ways to do so. In some cases you will put down a deposit on the horse, then come back a few days later to pay the full amount and pick up the horse. Some sellers prefer if you take the horse immediately, paying in full and leaving with him that same day. Other sellers will offer you a trial period, generally lasting a week or two, in which you bring the horse to your new home to make sure that he will work out. You have the option of returning the horse at the end of the trial.

Just how long it takes to buy a horse depends on a number of variables. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a horse right away, but buying a horse is generally a process that requires a good deal of patience on your part.

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