How to Avoid Scammers When Purchasing a Horse Float

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When it comes to looking at horse floats for sale and purchasing a horse float, it is important to keep an eye out for potential scams. Unfortunately many horse float sale ads can be scams, and you may be left without your money and without a horse float. When looking at horse floats for sale, follow these tips to help avoid scammers.

Never Purchase Sight Unseen

Unless you are buying a horse float from a reputable dealer, you should never buy a horse float without first seeing it in person. Not only can sale photos strategically hide a horse float’s flaws, but buying a horse float that needs to be shipped to you sets up the perfect situation for a scam. In the event of a scam, your check may be cashed but you may never see the horse float. In some cases, the horse float advertised doesn’t even exist, and buyers buy a fake object and lose out on their money.

Never Provide Personal Information

If a seller ever requests your credit card or bank information, do not provide it. Instead, arrange to make payment via a check, so that you will have record of the transaction. Any seller who requests your credit card or bank information could be trying to scam you.

Don’t Buy from Overseas

Rarely will it ever be cost-effective to purchase a horse float that needs to be shipped overseas. If a seller seems to be offering a horse float so cheaply that shipping it is an option, then seriously consider whether the deal is just too good to be true.

Ask Detailed Questions

When considering a horse float for sale, asks the seller detailed questions about the float. Any seller should be able to tell you about a float’s history, previous use, current condition, and maintenance record. If a seller cannot provide this information, or if the information provided doesn’t add up, then you will want to avoid that particular float.

Buy from a Dealer

One of the best ways to avoid scammers when buying a horse float is to buy the float from a reputable horse float dealer. Research any potential dealer thoroughly, and investigate buyer recommendations and feedback. A professional dealer with a reputation to protect will not likely be the source of a scam.

Have a Mechanic Evaluate the Float

Before you agree to purchase a float, ask if your mechanic can evaluate the float for you. Many sellers will permit this, and an evaluation by a knowledgeable mechanic can help identify any serious issues with the horse float.

When it comes to buying a horse float and looking at horse floats for sale, remember that scams can and do occur. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and most importantly, listen to your instinct.

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