How to Braid Your Horse’s Mane Beautifully

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Braiding a horse’s mane is a skill that takes time and patience to learn, but these tips can help ensure that you get a beautiful braid out of your horse’s mane. Whether heading to a horse show or advertising your horse for sale, a beautifully braided mane can help your horse to stand out and be noticed.

Pull the Mane First

You can’t get a well-braided mane when you’re working with a mane that is too thick or too long. Pull your horse’s mane ahead of time. Pulling a mane can take some time, and results in tired hands and fingers. It can also lead to an impatient horse, so make sure to pull your horse’s mane a day or so before you will need to braid it.

Keep the Horse Quiet

Just when and where you choose to braid your horse’s mane can have a big effect on the outcome. Braiding a horse’s mane while other horses are being turned out or fed is not likely to lead to success, since your horse will be anxious and wanting to move around. Instead, schedule a time to braid your horse’s mane when things are quiet around your agistment.

If your horse will stand in crossties, that is the best way to braid, since you have good lighting and your horse will be standing still. Some horses may need to be held by an assistant.

Have Your Tools Ready

Before you begin braiding, make sure that you have everything that you will need for the process. You will want to have scissors, yarn, braiding bands, clips, a braiding comb, and a pulling comb. A braiding apron can keep these tools easily accessible as you work.

Measure for Evenness

Before you start braiding, portion your horse’s mane out into evenly spaced and sized segments. Make sure that these segments flow naturally and are spaced an equal distance apart, since this is where your horse’s braids will be located.

Keep Braids Small

One of the best secrets to quality braids is to keep the braids themselves small. Use small portions of your horse’s hair and you will have tighter, better quality braids as a result. Of course, your horse’s mane needs to be properly pulled for this to be possible.

Apply Finishing Touches

Once your horse’s mane is braided, use a braiding spray to keep the braids tight and to prevent flyaways. Avoid using mane and tail conditioner, since this can make the braids slick and can lead to their falling out.

Above all, patience is key when braiding your horse’s mane beautifully. Neat, professional mane braids will help your horse stand out, whether advertising your horse for sale or heading out to a horse show.

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