How to Bring Out a Great Shine in Your Horse’s Coat

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When selling your horse, bringing out a quality shine in his coat can help him to stand apart from the many horses for sale. These tips will help you bring out a beautiful shine in your horse’s coat.

Start With Nutrition

It’s hard to bring out a quality shine in your horse’s coat if he is not getting the right nutrition. Be sure that you are feeding your horse a quality hay, and that you supplement any deficiencies with either a vitamin and mineral supplement, or with a formulated feed. When your horse is receiving the proper nutrition, his coat will naturally begin to shine.

Groom Regularly

Grooming is an excellent way to bring out a shine in your horse’s coat. Grooming promotes circulation and encourages your horse’s coat to generate natural oils, both of which can lead to a shiny coat. Grooming, especially currying, actually leads to a healthier coat.

When you groom your horse, spend a good amount of time currying his coat, and be sure to follow up with a stiff brush to flick dirt and dead hair up and off of your horse. Use a soft brush afterwards to further remove any remaining dirt. Then, follow up with a rub rag. Rub the rag vigorously over your horse’s body, following the direction of hair growth. This rag adds a polish to your horse’s coat, making him shiny.

Avoid Bathing

While it might be tempting to bathe your horse regularly so that his coat is always clean and shiny, bathing can actually have the opposite effect. Shampoo strips your horse’s coat of its natural oils, which normally contribute to its shiny look. While an occasional bath will not harm your horse, try to keep the number of times that you bathe your horse to a minimum.

Consider Coat Polish

Coat polishes and sprays can enhance the natural shine of a horse’s coat. When applying a coat polish, look for one that does not contain silicone, since silicone can add shine for the moment, but in the long run it actually dries out your horse’s coat.

When you do use coat polish, be sure to avoid applying it on your horse’s saddle area. Coat polish tends to be slick and can lead to your saddle slipping when you are riding.

Bringing out a shine in your horse’s coat is a great way to help him stand out from the many horses for sale.

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