How to Choose the Right Horse Fencing for Your Horse Property

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Whether you’ve just bought a horse property or have owned your property for years, at some point you will face the decision of choosing the type of horse fencing that is right for your property. There are tons of different horse fencing types to choose from – how do you know what’s right for you?

Think About the Horses You House

The types of horses that you have on your property will partially determine the type of horse fencing that you will need. If you’re housing a few retirees who are all very respectful of fencing, then you may be able to use a basic fencing type, such as wooden fencing, without issue.

However, if you’re housing more high-maintenance horses, your needs for fencing will differ. Horses which challenge fencing or chew on fencing may necessitate electrical fencing paired with a sturdy fencing type, like wooden fence. If you are housing stallions or horses which tend to jump fencing, then you will need a fencing type which can be built tall, and which is both visible and forgiving upon impact.

Consider Aesthetics

You may wish to choose your fencing partially based on its aesthetic value. If the fencing will be in a prominent area of your property, such as along an entranceway or next to your house, then you may want to choose a more aesthetically appealing fence type such as wood or PVC rail as opposed to the less aesthetically appealing electric wire or pipe fence.

Identify Local Predators

Do you need your horse fencing to protect your horses against predators? If so, then it’s important to think about the types of predators which are local to your property. When choosing your fencing, you will want to make sure that it is strong enough to keep such predators out. This may mean adding a metal mesh to your fencing, adding a strong electric current, or increasing the height of your fence.

Think About Maintenance

Don’t forget to consider the maintenance needs of each fencing type when deciding what is right for your situation. Some types of fencing, like wood fencing, require regular and fairly intensive maintenance. Other types, like PVC rail or pipe fence, require little to no maintenance and leave you with time to take care of other aspects of your property. The amount of time that you have available to devote to maintenance may factor in to your decision on the right type of horse fencing.

Buying horse fencing is a significant investment, so it’s important to thoroughly consider which type of horse fencing is right for your horse property.

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