How to Choose the Right Type of Horse Float for Your Horse

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When it comes to buying a horse float to transport your horse, you will find that there are a wide variety of horse floats for sale. Horse floats come in many styles and with many different designs, and some features and types of horse floats may work better for some horses than others. These tips will help you to determine which type of horse float may work the best for your horse.

Consider Your Horse’s Size

When looking at horse floats for sale, remember to consider your horse’s size, both in terms of width and height. A horse float needs to provide plenty of overhead clearance for your horse to be able to safely load and unload. Additionally, the float entrance and partitions need to be wide enough so that your horse does not rub or scrape his hips when in the float.

Examine Your Horse’s Comfort Zones

Depending on your horse’s characteristics and temperament, he will have his own set of comfort zones. Some horses are perfectly comfortable in small spaces, meaning a slant load or standard horse float may be perfectly fine for them. Other horses may be claustrophobic in such a space, and may do better if allowed to move about and balance themselves in the space offered by a stock float.

Consider Your Horse’s Physical Abilities

Horses have different physical limitations which may make one particular type of horse float a better choice over another. For instance, an arthritic horse who has sore joints in his legs will be better able to load onto a slant load horse float than he will be able to deal with a step-up horse float. Additionally, a weaker or older horse may appreciate the support that a horse float with a divider offers during transport over the open space of a box stall or stock horse float.

Get to Know Your Horse’s Preferences

Oftentimes, horses have preferences for certain horse float styles. Some horses prefer step-up loads, and some will refuse to load in a slant-load horse float. Some horses will only load when offered the welcoming space of a box stall float or horse truck, while other horses will load readily onto a two-horse float with the center divider in place. Be sure that you are familiar with your horse’s preferences before you go shopping for a horse float.

When looking at horse floats for sale, you need to choose the float that is right for both you and your horse.

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