How to Clean Your Horse Stable to Make it Safer

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Cleaning a horse stable regularly is important to your horses’ health, but did you know that specific cleaning chores can actually help you make your horse stable safer? Make sure that these chores are at the top of your list.

Sweep Out Your Feed Room

Start your stable cleaning session with the feed room. Take a broom and sweep out any old feed from the room. Wipe dust off of the shelves and containers, and check to make sure that all feed and supplement containers close securely.

By removing any feed that’s fallen out of the containers, you’re reducing the feed room’s appeal to rodents. Rodents can carry germs and diseases, and can contaminate your horse’s feed. Old feed can also mold, so by cleaning the feed room regularly you’ll be helping to keep your horses healthy.

Sweep Out Old Hay

After cleaning your feed room, turn your attention to the hayloft. Sweep out any old, loose hay that you will not be using. Additionally, take a look at the bales of hay which are being stored – are there any hay bales which are moldy? Moldy hay bales can combust if left long enough, since the process of molding creates heat. By removing any old or loose hay, you are helping to minimize the chance of a fire occurring in your stable.

Remove Cobwebs From Your Stable

Cobwebs are not only unsightly, they are also fire hazards. Cobwebs can dangle down onto hot lights, causing a fire, and because they are flammable they can also quickly spread a fire if one breaks out. When your horses are turned out during the day, use a broom or duster to remove any cobwebs that have formed.

Clear Debris From Doorways

Take a few minutes and move any debris away from doorways. Pitchforks and wheelbarrows should be stored well out of the way, and your doorways should be clear so that you can easily navigate them with a horse.

Clean Tack

While not quite a stable cleaning chore, cleaning your tack is so important to helping to keep you and your horses safe. When you clean and condition your tack, you are helping to make it last. Cleaning your tack also gives you a chance to find any weakened area that might need to be repaired. This could help to provide an injury to either you or your horse. When you set out to clean your stable, make sure that you clean some tack, too.

Adding these tasks to your cleaning list can help to make your horse stable a safer place.

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