How to Decide What You Need in Your Next Horse

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If you’re planning on buying a new horse, then it’s important to decide what qualities you want that horse to have. Before you start looking at horses for sale, consider the following points to get a better idea of what you need in your next horse.

Your Goals

Carefully consider what your goals are for the next few years. Do you want to move up a level in competition, or enjoy your time out on the trails? If you have specific riding goals in mind, then think about the characteristics that your horse will need in order to be able to help you achieve those goals.

Your short- and long-term goals may also identify how much training your new horse should have. If you want to be in the show ring next year, then you will need to buy a horse who already has a good amount of training on him. On the other hand, if your goal is more to progress with a horse, then buying a prospect horse may be a good choice for you.

Your Riding Experience

Next, think about your riding experience and overall riding skill. Are you confident and skilled enough to handle a hot, reactive horse, or is a more laid-back and relaxing ride more appealing to you? It’s important to think about the type of temperament and training issues that you can handle in a horse. Taking on too much horse too soon can poorly affect your confidence and can even lead to injury.

Activities You Enjoy

What types of things do you enjoy doing while riding? Do you like giving agility a try, cutting cattle, jumping, trail riding, or endurance riding? Many horses can participate in each of these activities to a limited degree, but if you want a horse who can specialize in one or more of these activities, then you will need to look for a horse with the athleticism, temperament, and speed needed for your favorite activities.

Your Height and Weight

Your body size can partially determine the size of horse that you should be looking for. You will need a horse that you fit well on, and that is strong enough to carry you comfortably.

Your Preferred Breed

While it’s often best not to limit yourself to a certain breed of horse, sometimes you may wish to buy a horse of a particular breed because you’ve previously owned or ridden horses of the same breed. If you’re drawn to a breed, then think about what characteristics of that breed you like. You may be able to find those same characteristics in other breeds of horses, broadening your options.

Before looking at horses for sale, give these points some thought so that you have a better idea of what you need in your next horse.

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