How to Decide Whether to Body Clip Your Horse

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Are you debating over whether you should body clip your horse? Clipping a horse can be a big process – here are some points to consider when you’re making your decision.

Is Your Horse Athletically Active?

The main reason for clipping horses is to keep them cooler during workouts and to make cooling them off afterwards a shorter process. If your horse has a thick coat and sweats a lot during rides, then this may be a reason to clip him. However, if your horse cools out relatively quickly after rides and doesn’t sweat too terribly except for during the summer, then he may be perfectly fine with his coat left in place.

Some active riders clip their horses during the winter so that the horses don’t get as sweaty and so their coats dry faster after a ride. If you regularly ride your horse at a high intensity during the winter, this is a good reason to clip your horse’s coat. On the other hand, if you don’t ride that often, then it may be worth it to leave your horse’s coat as it is so he has the extra protection that it offers.

Are You Prepared to Use Horse Rugs?

When you clip a horse during the fall or winter, you will need to replace his coat by adding on horse rugs. If you don’t typically use horse rugs, this can be a big change in how you care for your horse. You will need an assortment of horse rugs so that you can accommodate the weather changes, and if a horse rug gets wet through to the liner then you’ll need to replace it with a dry rug. The decision to use horse rugs will be a costly initial investment, and it will also mean that you will need to take time out of your day to change, remove, and put on horse rugs.

Consider Partial Clips

A solution to the conundrum of whether to do a body clip on your horse is to do a more modified clip. Clipping partial areas of the horse reduces the dramatic change brought on by a body clip, and leaves the horse with more of his natural coat in place.

Most of the time, horses can get by fine without being body clipped, but if they’re in intense work, then clipping your horse may be necessary. It all depends on your horse and your situation.

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