How to Design an Attention Grabbing Horse for Sale Ad

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When advertising your horse for sale, you will be competing with thousands of other ads. It’s important to make your horse’s for sale ad stand out from the crowd. Here are four ways to do just that.

Start With an Attention-Grabbing Statement

The first phrase in your ad should grab a reader’s attention. Try to come up with a “hook” – a statement that will make a reader want to learn more. Statements like “Your next barrel horse is ready for you,” or “Up-and-coming jumper is primed for Grand Prix” instantly grab a reader’s attention and make them want to read the rest of the ad to find out more.

Use Formatting to Your Advantage

Horse for sale ads which are blocks of text are overwhelming and difficult to read. Many people don’t read these ads thoroughly and may miss out on important information.

Rather than structuring your ad as a paragraph, break up the text a bit. Try to use bullet points to outline information about your horse, such as his achievements, years in training, temperament, and other important features. Including blank space in your ad can make viewers more inclined to read the entire thing.

Include Incredible Pictures

Photos can really draw attention to your ad, so make sure that any photos that you include are top-quality. If you can get stunning photos of your horse, then be sure to include them. An action shot of your horse running barrels or jumping can catch the attention of buyers, making them want to read your ad and view your other photos of your horse.

When choosing pictures to include, try to stay away from your average snapshot-type pictures. These pictures often show ungroomed horses in mismatched tack standing in front of a messy background. Snapshot-type pictures won’t help draw attention to your ad – in fact, they may make people skip over your ad instead. Opt for professional looking pictures which show the pride that you take in your horse’s care and presentation.

Make Your Ad Unique

Don’t be afraid to make your ad personal, and to incorporate some of your own style and personality into it. In addition to listing your horse’s characteristics, include some points about his overall character. Does he love carrots but hate apples? Always leave his stall neat? Adjust his sleeping spots so that he’s always sleeping in the sun? Then say so. These little characteristics can make your horse more realistic to buyers, and they may even fall in love with him through the ad that you write.

With a little effort, you can create a horse for sale ad that stands out and grabs attention.

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