How to Feel Better About Selling Your Horse

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Selling a horse is tough. You probably have an emotional bond with the horse, and once you advertise your horse for sale, you’ve started a process that will ultimately end in the horse’s leaving. You won’t be responsible for the horse’s care, and you’ll have to say goodbye. If you’re feeling sad or anxious about selling your horse, these points might make you feel a bit better.

Your Situation Is No Longer Right for the Horse

Sometimes we have to let horses move on because our situation has become wrong for them. Maybe you bought a horse for one discipline and you’ve now transitioned to another. Or you bought a horse but your life has become so busy that you don’t have the time to dedicate to riding that you once did. Sometimes horses and riders just aren’t a good match, and after making an effort to make things work, you’ve realized that the best thing to do is to let the horse go to a new home. Remember that in selling the horse, you’re helping to put him into a better situation.

Your Horse Will Help a New Rider Like He’s Helped You

Horses often come into our lives for a reason. A horse may have helped you to regain your confidence, or to explore a new discipline. Maybe he got you back into the show ring and helped you move up through different divisions or levels. At some point, though, your horse completed his job, and that’s why you’re selling him. Remember that your horse can go on to help a new rider in the same way that he helped you.

You Will Do Your Best to Find Your Horse a Great Home

Remember, just because a buyer makes an offer on your horse doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. A buyer can offer you your full asking price – or more – and you’re still perfectly within your rights to decline the offer. If you don’t feel right about a buyer, listen to those feelings and wait for the right buyer to come along.

You Will Open Up Your Home to the Next Horse

Sometimes it’s necessary to sell a horse in order to bring a new horse in. Horses are expensive, and we can only afford so many. In selling your horse, you’re allowing him to go on to a new home, but you’re also opening your own home up to the next great horse who will become your partner. The process starts again, and this is something to be truly excited about.

Selling a horse is sometimes a difficult and sad decision to make, but when you advertise your horse for sale, remember these points to help put a more positive spin on the situation.

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