How To Feel More Secure In the Saddle

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Whether trying out horses for sale, riding a new horse, or recovering from a recent fall, sometimes you may find yourself feeling insecure in the saddle. Nervousness and insecurity while riding is common, and there are a number of ways you can work to overcome it.

Ride a Trusted Horse

The horse that you are riding can greatly affect your confidence. If you are nervous or unsettled, you need to find a horse that is calm, experienced, and dependable. A well-mannered horse can do much to improve your confidence. Riding a calm and well behaved horse allows you to focus on your position in the saddle, making you a stronger and better rider more capable of dealing with unexpected situations.

Ride in a Group

Schedule your rides so that they are in the company of friends. Make sure that this group consists of people and horses you trust; their presence can reassure both you and your horse. Be honest with your friends about how you’re feeling, and ask that the ride be kept quiet and relaxing. Having a positive experience on your horse can boost your confidence when it comes to future rides.

Ride with a Trainer

Be sure that you are riding with a trainer who is encouraging and compassionate to your situation. Your trainer should help you deal with your confidence in a positive manner and should never push you to the point where you are truly uncomfortable when riding. Trainers deal with confidence issues frequently in their careers - your trainer should be equipped with an understanding of the psychological struggle that riders can face, and he or she should be willing to help you work the problem.

If your trainer tells you to simply get over your insecurity or to deal with it, then that trainer may not be a good match for your situation. While it is a trainer’s job to help you push your boundaries and grow as a rider, you should never be made to feel fear. A trainer who pushes you too far past your boundaries will only further erode your confidence. It is best if you find a trainer who can help build your confidence in a positive manner.

Have Fun

You likely began riding because you found it to be a fun and enjoyable activity. Sometimes the best way to feel more secure on the back of the horse is to return to those activities that you find fun on horseback. Go for a trail ride, ride with friends, and ask your horse to perform movements or behaviors that both you and he already do well.

With some time and some patience, you can feel more secure while riding your horse.

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