How to Find the Horse Property That’s Right for You

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Are you considering buying a horse property or agistment of your own? Before you look at horse properties for sale, you will want to have an idea of what type of property is right for you. Ask yourself these questions to prepare yourself for buying a horse property.

How Big a Property Do You Need?

When considering how large a barn you will want to buy, think about how many horses you will be keeping there. Your needs for a property that will house two or three horses will be very different from your needs for a barn to house an entire competition string.

How Do You Intend To Use the Property?

Your plans for the property will play a major role in your requirements. Are you looking for a small barn to have in your backyard to house your horses? Or do you have bigger aspirations, such as starting a training or lesson business? If you intend to use the property as the base for a business, then give careful consideration to the property’s location and ease of access for potential clients.

Where Do You Want to Live?

The location of the horse property will greatly affect your life, as you will either need to live on the property or close enough to access it easily. Carefully look into the areas that you’re considering living in. Be sure to check rates and accessibility of supplies like feed and stall bedding before deciding on the area that is right for you. If you will have an additional job, look into job availability and access.

What Amenities Do You Need?

When buying a horse property, you should come up with a list of specific features that you would like it to have. Think about things like a heated tack room, a round pen, an indoor arena, pasture space, and a wash rack.

What Is Your Budget?

Don’t forget to factor your budget into your plans. Be realistic about your budget, and don’t forget that you will still need a large emergency fund for unexpected occurrences with either the horse or with the property itself. Remember to include property insurance in your budget, too. And if you’ll be moving onto a larger property, don’t underestimate the increased cost for utilities such as water and electricity.

Buying a horse property and looking at horse properties for sale can be an exciting time, but make sure that you know what you’re looking for before you start shopping around.

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