How to Gain Confidence Driving Your New Horse Float

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After looking at horse floats for sale and finding the float that is just what you need, you may feel a little uncertain driving your new float. These tips can help you to gain confidence driving your new horse float, no matter where the road takes you.

Bring Along a Friend

When it comes time to hitch up your horse float and bring it home, bring along a friend who is experienced in driving floats. Consider asking your friend ahead of time if they would be willing to drive the truck during the ride home. This can help take some of the pressure off, and you’ll have an extra person around to reassure you if you do choose to handle the driving.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have your horse float at home, it’s time to start practicing. All horse floats handle a bit differently, so it will take you some time to get used to the size and feel of your new float. Try to practice driving your float in a large space, like a parking lot or empty paddock. Set up some road cones and work on backing the float into them, parking, and steering through tight corners. The more that you challenge yourself during your practice, the better prepared you’ll be to handle the challenges of the road.

Take Short Trips on Routes You Know

As you become more comfortable with your new float, start to take the float out on short trips. Choose routes that you know well, so that you’re able to concentrate on your driving and won’t have to worry about encountering unexpected obstacles.

Tow an Experienced Horse

When you do feel ready to venture out with your float loaded, choose a horse who is an experienced traveller for that first trip. A horse which travels well shouldn’t move too much, leaving you to focus on your driving. Take a short trip with the horse, and continue with these short trips until you feel confident with your new float.

It takes some time to get used to your new horse float, so be patient with yourself and spend plenty of time practicing. It’s a good idea to drive all sorts of horse floats so you know what you prefer, and can then go look at horse floats for sale which you’ll be comfortable driving.

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