How to Get a Great Reputation for Selling Horses

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If you plan on selling horses on a regular basis, then establishing a good reputation amongst the equine community can make future sales easier. Before you advertise your horse for sale, consider these tips to get a great reputation for selling horses.

Create a Professional Looking Sale Ad

Nothing can make you stand out as being a quality seller more than your horse for sale ads. When designing your sale ads, make sure that you include the information that a potential buyer will want to know, such as a horse’s breed, gender, height, age, experience, discipline, temperament, and specific achievements.

You will also want to include quality photos and videos which reflect your horse positively. Be sure that your horse is clean and turned out in properly fitting tack when you take photos or videos, and if you can, take footage of the horse in front of an uncrowded and clean looking background.

Answer Questions Promptly

When you list your horse for sale, be prepared to be contacted by multiple potential buyers with many questions. Answer these questions promptly and honestly, and be prepared to provide additional photos and videos of the horse. Being prepared ahead of time can make keeping up with the influx of questions easier.

Keep Your Appointments

When a potential buyer schedules a time to come and see your horse, be sure that you keep that appointment. Particularly with buyers who are traveling from out of town, good communication is key if any situations come up that might require you to change the viewing time. If you are prompt and reliable with your appointments, potential buyers will be glad to return to you again.

Offer a Trial

While you’re certainly not obligated to offer buyers a trial period, many buyers will appreciate it if you do so. If you do decide to offer a trial period, then be sure that you have full payment for the horse and a signed trial contract before you allow the horse to leave your property.

Be Honest

Perhaps the most important tip of all, be honest about the horse that you are selling. It is so important to disclose serious health and behavior issues to potential buyers, both to keep the future riders safe but also to ensure that your horse goes to a good situation. Being honest with potential buyers will go a long way, and can earn you faithful repeat buyers.

When you will be listing horses for sale and selling horses regularly, having a good reputation in the horse industry is important. Follow these tips to help build a positive reputation.

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