How to Get a Shiny Coat for the Show Ring

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When you bring your horse to a horse show, you will want him to look his very best. His coat is a major part of his overall appearance, and a clean, shiny coat indicates that a horse is well cared for. Here’s how to bring out that shiny coat for the show ring.

Feed Your Horse Well

Proper nutrition and a good diet will create the foundation for a shiny coat. Your horse needs a balanced diet that fulfills all of his nutritional needs. Depending on the quality of the grass and hay in your area, you may need to supplement his feed with particular vitamins and minerals. You can have your hay tested and analyzed for its nutritional content so that you can supplement it accordingly. If you have questions on your horse’s diet, speak with your veterinarian.

Groom Regularly

The more that you groom your horse’s coat, the higher quality it will become. Regular currying helps to bring out the oils in your horse’s coat, enhancing its shine. Grooming and currying also helps to improve your horse’s circulation and muscle tone. Make it a point to brush out your horse’s mane and tail when you groom him so that the tasks are less burdensome during your show preparation.

Bathe Sparingly

While it may be tempting to bathe your horse frequently to keep his coat clean, bathing will actually decrease the quality of your horse’s coat. Shampoo strips the natural oils from your horse’s coat, so if you bathe your horse too much it will leave his coat dull and unhealthy. When you do bathe your horse, use shampoo sparingly and only bathe him when he really needs it. Try to limit baths to just a few per year.

Use Special Tools

When it comes time to prepare for the show ring, there are a number of different ways that you can bring out the shine of your horse’s coat. Many horse supplies are available for sale to specifically make your horse’s coat shine. Grooming sprays can help to remove the final layer of dust and slick up your horse’s coat. Equine vacuums can assist with grooming and remove more dust than brushes can. Finally, finish your grooming job with a soft grooming cloth or grooming mitt to polish up your horse’s coat and give him some extra shine.

Getting a shiny show ring coat takes some time, and the healthier your horse is, the shinier his coat will be when you’re finished.

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