How to Help the Nervous Horse Relax During a Horse Float Ride

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Horse floats can be scary to any horse, but for a nervous horse, riding in a horse float can be particularly frightening. If you own a nervous horse who you need to transport, you can follow these tips to help make the process a little easier on you both.

Buy the Right Horse Float

If you are in the market for a new horse float, consider your nervous horse when looking at horse floats for sale. Many horses are nervous about entering a horse float because of the float’s dark, confined space. To counteract this, look for a horse float that has large space for loading. Try to find a horse with a bright, light colored interior, or one that offers lots of windows. If you know that your nervous horse prefers a certain load style, such as a step-up float or a ramp, then try to find a float that offers that option.

Bring a Buddy

A nervous horse may benefit from traveling with a calm buddy who is an experienced traveler. If you have a relaxed horse who is a willing traveler, bring him along to give your nervous horse additional comfort and reassurance. If your horse is difficult to load, watching a relaxed horse load first can encourage a nervous or hesitant horse to get on the horse float.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Make sure that your horse is well equipped with protective leg boots and a head bumper for the ride. If you have a long trip coming up, then work with your horse ahead of time by taking him on shorter trips so that he is used to the horse float.

Provide Distraction

Many nervous horses take refuge in food, so providing your horse with a hay net during the journey is a great idea. Make sure that you hang the net high enough so that your horse cannot get caught up on the net once it is empty and hanging loosely. If you will be going on a long trip, then bring extra hay with you and stop regularly to refill the hay net and to offer your horse water.

Stay Calm

Horses are incredibly sensitive, and they can easily pick up on our emotions. If you are nervous or stressed about how your horse will travel, then chances are that your horse will reflect some of that stress or tension back at you.

Focus on keeping yourself calm during the process of loading and transporting your horse. It may help to bring a calm friend with you, or to have an experienced horseperson load your horse.

There are a number of different ways that you can make riding on a horse float easier for a nervous horse. From looking at horse floats for sale to preparing ahead of time, these tips will help to make the process easier on both the horse and on you.

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