How to Increase Your Budget for Buying a Horse

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Are you looking at horses for sale, but finding that your budget is holding you back from finding the perfect horse? We’ve come up with a few great ways that you can increase your budget for buying a horse so that you can find that horse of your dreams.

Go Horseless

While it might seem counterintuitive at first, consider going without a horse for a few months in order to increase your budget for buying a horse. If you currently own a horse that you plan on selling, then selling him now means that you won’t have the expense of caring for that horse for a number of months. The money that you save on boarding your horse can quickly add up, significantly increasing your budget. And you don’t have to go entirely without a horse – you can always do a partial lease, or catch ride in order to spend time in the saddle.

Sell Tack and Equipment

Do you have extra tack hanging around in your stable? Selling your unused tack and supplies can put some extra money into your budget for buying a horse while also cleaning out your home and tack room. You can advertise your larger items on online classifieds site like to reach a larger audience and speed the sale along.

Get Another Job

If you’re driven to increase your budget for buying a horse, then taking on another job can be a great way to do just that. You don’t have to take on another huge job – in fact, some part-time jobs can pay quite well. Think about babysitting, waitressing, or even pet and farm sitting. Be sure to save any money that you make.

Lease to Buy

Some horse owners will allow a lease to buy situation. In a lease to buy arrangement, you lease the horse from the owner for a monthly fee. If you decide to buy the horse, then the monthly lease fees that you have paid so far are deducted from the horse’s overall sale price. This arrangement gives you the option to lease the horse for some time before deciding whether the horse is right for you. It also reduces the amount that you need to pay for the horse’s purchase at one time, allowing your monthly lease payments to count towards the horse’s purchase price.

There are many ways that you can increase your budget for buying a horse before looking at horses for sale – what methods are you using?

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