How to Keep Your Horse Float Looking Great

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You’ve looked at horse floats for sale, finally found the perfect horse float, and have brought it home. Congratulations! You’ll likely own your horse float for years. In order to keep it looking great, consider the tips below.

Treat Rusted Areas Immediately

If your horse float develops rust, then it’s important to treat those areas immediately. Simply covering rust over doesn’t solve the problem; the rust will continue to eat away at the metal and the problem will spread. Instead, cut out the affected metal and replace it. Then, treat the area with a rust preventative and cover it with a new coat of paint.

Invest in a New Paint Job

One of the best ways to have your horse float looking great again is to invest in a new paint job for the float. A paint job isn’t just for looks, though – good, quality paint can help to protect your float from rusting. If you’re skilled at painting vehicles, then you may wish to paint your horse float yourself. It’s often easier to send your float into an auto shop which has all of the tools and resources necessary to professionally paint your horse float.

Consider Getting Float Wraps

Want to add a splash of color or customization to your horse float? Look into purchasing wraps or decals that you can put on your horse float. Wraps and decals, especially when they’re personalized to your farm, can create an eye-catching look and may also reduce the risk of someone attempting to steal your horse float.

Replace Worn-Out Parts

If you have an older horse float, components of the float may start to look tired and worn-out. You can order new parts and replace components of your float, like the dividers and the covers for the butt bars. These simple changes can leave your horse float looking revitalized.

Keep Your Float Covered When Not In Use

When your horse float isn’t in use, try to keep it covered. You can buy a tarp cover for your float to protect it from sun fading and from the elements. You may also wish to store the float inside a building, like a large shed or large garage, to help keep it looking new.

After looking at many horse floats for sale and investing in a float of your own, you’ll want to do what you can to keep it looking and running great.

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