How to Lower Your Horse Feed Bills

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When you own horses, your feed bill may be one of the largest bills that you have to contend with. The cost of horse feed can quickly add up, yet it’s a necessary expense when you own horses. Here are some tips that can help you to lower your horse feed bills.

Feed Only What Your Horse Needs

Overfeeding is a common mistake when it comes to horse ownership. Many horses are actually fed far more feed than they need to maintain their weight and energy.

When designing your horse’s feed program, carefully assess his body weight and condition. Read the labels on any pelleted or formulated feeds that you buy in order to determine the appropriate amount of feed for your horse. You may need to adjust this amount up or down, depending on your horse’s metabolism and caloric needs.

Weigh Your Horse Feed

It can’t be said often enough – weigh your feed. Feed labels provide feeding information by weight, whereas so many horse owners measure by volume, using a scoop. Take the time to weigh your horse’s feed so that you can determine exactly how much feed satisfies the recommended portions. You may be surprised – if you don’t feed according to weight, you may actually be giving your horse far more feed than he should be getting.

Reduce Feed Waste

If you want to lower your horse’s feed bills, then make sure that you reduce the amount of feed wasted. This begins by storing the feed properly in your stable and making sure that you always feed the oldest feed first.

Next, assess whether your horse is wasting feed when he eats. If he’s dropping feed all over his stall or pen, then consider getting a large feed pan to place on the ground to discourage him from dropping feed. You may want to put a rubber stall mat on the ground so that he can easily eat up any feed that he has dropped.

Maximise Time on Pasture

Forage should be the foundation of your horse’s diet, and if you have pastures, then you have natural forage available to you for free. Try to maximise your horse’s time on pasture so that you only have to supplement his diet during the summer months. The more grass that your horse is able to eat naturally, the less store-bought feed you will have to provide to him

There are a number of ways that you can lower your horse feed bills, leaving you with extra funds for other aspects of your horse’s care.

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