How to Make a Video to Help Sell Your Horse

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When you advertise your horse for sale, having a sale video available can be an effective way to help sell your horse. A sale video shows buyers more than photos can, but it’s important that you create a quality video in order for it to be effective. These tips can help you get started.

Invest In Quality Video

A video taken from a low-quality camera phone isn’t going to do much in terms of selling your horse. Instead, it’s important to invest in a quality video. If you or a friend have a DSLR camera, this can be a great option for getting quality footage. Hiring a videographer with professional equipment is another option which may be worth the investment, depending on the value of the horse that you’re selling.

Prepare Your Horse Well

Prepare your horse for a video shoot the same way that you would prepare him for a show. Giving him a bath and having his mane and tail neat will instantly make him appear more impressive in the footage.

Have a Talented Rider Ride Your Horse

A video is your chance to show your horse in the best light possible. It’s important that your horse is ridden by a talented rider who can help show off his talents. In many situations, it may be best to choose a talented rider who is familiar with the horse, or to hire a rider to show the horse. Of course, if you’re trying to demonstrate how bombproof or kid-safe a horse is, then having a variety of riders in the video may be a more appropriate strategy.

Highlight What Your Horse Does Best

When you video your horse, you’ll want to showcase what he does best. If he’s a jumper, get footage of him working over fences. If he’s a trail horse, head out to the trails and show him working through obstacles like a bridge and going into streams. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you show your horse working at all gaits, and also include footage which highlights his conformation.

Include Contact Information in the Video

It’s possible that your video may become separated from your horse’s for sale ad, so be sure to include your contact information in the video itself.

Videos aren’t terribly complicated to make, but they’re highly effective tools in selling your horse. Before you advertise your horse for sale, make sure that you’re prepared with a good video to show to interested buyers.

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