How to Make Installing Horse Fencing an Easier Process

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No one really enjoys installing horse fencing – it’s a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make the process of installing horse fencing easier. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Plan Your Fencing Location Carefully

Before you start installing horse fencing, it’s important that you carefully plan out exactly where you want the fencing to go. Depending on the type of fencing that you’re installing, areas like corners, gates, and topography incline or decline may require that you have additional or specific fencing supplies for your project.

As you plan the layout of your fencing, carefully examine the ground for areas that you may want to fence in or out, like ponds, rocky footing, or dense brush.

Gather Enough Fencing for the Project

Once you’ve planned your fencing’s location, measure out the fencing’s path to determine how much fencing you will need. Remember to account for extra fencing if you’re planning multiple rails or lines – a three-rail fence will require more supplies than a two-rail fence will. Order enough fencing so that you can complete the project in a single effort – it will feel good to have the project fully accomplished.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools will make installing horse fencing much easier. Tools such as a post hole digger, wire cutters, and a multipurpose fencing tool are necessary to successfully install horse fencing. The exact type of fencing that you’re installing will likely require additional specific tools. Some of these tools may be available for rent at your local feed or hardware store.

Learn How Your Horse Fencing Works

Before you start assembling your horse fencing, take the time to learn exactly how the fencing works and needs to be installed. Basic fencing types like wood or pipe gate are easy to understand. Other types, such as electric and PVC panel, are more involved and may require a little research on your part in order for a successful installation.

Enlist Help

Fencing your horse pasture can be a large task, and it’s one that’s far easier when you have help. See if at least one or two of your friends are available to help you, and offer to reward them with snacks and a dinner in return for their help.

Installing horse fencing takes time and physical effort, but the more that you can do to prepare, the easier the installation will be.

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