How to Make the Process of Selling a Horse Easier

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Selling a horse is a process that requires a little preparation in order to go smoothly. These tips can make the process of advertising your horse for sale and selling your horse easier.

Have Photos and Videos Ready

Whether you’re advertising your horse for sale or are fielding inquiries, you will want to be prepared with quality photos and video of your horse. Any interested buyer will want to see a variety of photos which depict the horse’s conformation. Additionally, having video showing the horse’s movement and talents can help potential buyers decide if they want to come and see the horse in person. When selling a horse, photos and videos are a must, so take the time to get them prepared before you advertise the horse for sale. Otherwise, potential buyers might lose interest while waiting on you to get photos and videos.

Know the Lowest Offer You Will Accept

Before you advertise your horse for sale, make an honest assessment of what he is worth. You will also need to decide on the lowest offer that you will accept for your horse. Your asking price should be higher than this lowest offer, giving you a little bit of space to negotiate with the buyer. Knowing exactly how much you want to sell your horse for can make it easier to say no if a buyer makes a lower offer than you want to accept.

Determine Whether You Will Let Your Horse Go On Trial

Many buyers will ask to take a horse out on trial for a week or two before finalizing the sale. It’s important for you to decide whether you’re willing to offer a trial before you’re faced with this question. There are definite advantages to offering a trial, since some buyers will not buy a horse without a trial option. However, when you offer a trial you are entrusting your horse’s care to the buyer for a specified time. If you decide that you will offer a trial, now is the time to think about what parameters you want to set on the trial.

Be Prepared With Answers to Questions

You will likely field a variety of questions from interested buyers. Preparing answers to these questions can help you to save some time. Common questions include the reason that you’re selling the horse, the horse’s specific experience and training, any physical issues the horse may have, and more.

When it comes to listing your horse for sale and selling your horse, these tips can help to make the process easier.

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