How to Make Your Horse for Sale More Desirable

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When selling a horse, one of the major challenges you will face is how to make your horse stand out from the many other horses for sale. In order for there to be interest in your horse, he needs to be seen as a desirable purchase. How do you do that? These tips will get you started.

Write a Good Ad

The first key to making your horse more desirable to potential buyers is to portray him well in your sale ad. Spend the time to write a quality sale ad that portrays your horse’s positive traits. Be sure to include the basic information that a buyer will want to know, such as your horse’s breed, age, and height. You will also want to include details about your horse’s riding and competition experience, temperament, areas of particular talent, and significant achievements.

Get Good Photos

A horse’s appearance can have a significant impact on a potential buyer, and a good-looking horse can garner more interest than a horse with a less-than-impressive appearance. Get good quality photos of your horse to include in his sale ad, and be sure that the photos present him when he is clean and physically fit.

Condition Your Horse

Selling a horse that is out of work can be more difficult than selling a horse that is in work or training. When a horse is in work and is physically fit, his body appearance changes, making him look more impressive. Additionally, a buyer will be able to buy a fit horse and immediately take up riding and working with him, a fact that is seen as a definite advantage by many eager riders.

Show Your Horse’s Versatility

If your horse is a multi-talented allrounder, show that desirable trait to potential buyers. Safe allrounders are desired for their versatility, making them a practical and appealing choice. If your horse works across various disciplines, this is a trait that you will definitely want to promote when advertising your horse.

Invest in Professional Training

Selling young horses or horses who have little to no training can be difficult. Such horses require significant work and time on the buyer’s part, and unless they come with highly desirable bloodlines or have a potentially great future, these horses are not as desirable as a well-trained horse is. Investing in professional training for your horse can make him more desirable to buyers.

Selling a horse can be a challenge, and often takes time. Following this advice to make your horse for sale more desirable can lead to a faster sale.

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