How to Market Your Dressage Prospect

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Do you have a dressage prospect who could have a great future ahead of him? Selling your dressage horse starts with how you list your horse for sale. These tips can help you to better market your dressage prospect.

Focus on Conformation

A dressage horse can only perform as well as his conformation allows him. Take some quality conformation shots showing your horse from all angles. While you might not be able to include all of these photos in your horse’s sale ad, include a few to give buyers an idea of your horse’s build and mention that additional conformation photos are available.

Always Include Videos

When riders look for their next dressage prospect, they want to see the way that the horse moves. Even if your horse is not currently under saddle, providing buyers with some quality videos of the horse’s movement at liberty can help to generate interest.

Highlight Bloodlines

If your horse comes from notable bloodlines, be sure to highlight this in your ad. If your horse’s sire or mare have significant competition accomplishments, it is a good idea to list these in your ad, also. Some sellers even include photos of the sire or the mare to give buyers an idea of the traits that may have been passed down to the horse. This can be particularly important if the horse is a yearling and has not yet matured.

Mention Siblings

If your horse has any siblings (either half or full) currently performing well in the dressage world, then be sure to mention their accomplishments and their relation to your horse.

Provide Test Scores and Ride Videos

If your horse is currently working under saddle, then you will want to give riders information on his training and successes so far. Highlight any major accomplishments your horse has made, including relevant test scores, and be sure to include videos of rides or tests demonstrating the horse’s skill so far.

If your horse is in training with a well-known trainer, then highlight this, too.

Marketing a dressage prospect is all about helping buyers to see what your horse could become in the future. Riders will look for factors like conformation, movement, bloodlines, and basic training to help judge a horse’s potential. By including information on what your horse is doing currently, you can help buyers to see the dressage potential that your horse holds.

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